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Kyiv’s Glamour “must see” Shop, Pop, and Top Arena City Complex

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Any one coming to Kyiv has heard of the popular downtown Shopping, Entertainment, and Office Centre Arena City Complex- a great place to visit year round. Here the locals find a great way to relax downtown day or night while tourists come for the delicious food, fun atmosphere, and a great party.

Two sides of the Arena City Complex make it the place to see. Firstly, it represents an important shopping area of more than 60 boutiques which include but are not limited to: Givenchy, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Lacoste, Diesel, Nina Ricci, DKNY, GUESS, and many more. The beautiful architecture of the building creates a magical and light environment for visitors with its atrium, panoramic elevators, and elegant fountain.

Secondly, the endless entertainment will bewitch the strongest at heart. The Arena provides a number of delicious and great service restaurants, bars, and clubs diverse in their customers’ needs. “People Casual Food” was created with simplicity. Here people eat, drink, and sing karaoke “casually”. “Vapiano” Italian Restaurant was made with an extraordinary method of service where you watch with amazement as your Italian dishes get cooked before your very eyes and the portions are huge and delicious. If soccer is your passion, “Linas Arena” is the place to be. A smoking area is provided, the meals are easy and delicious, while the flat screens will keep you enthralled throughout your favorite games. The famous trio “The Burger”, “The Cake”, “The Bar” create a fascinating while comfortable atmosphere. Here the prices get higher as does the entertainment.“The Burger’s” staff are fun and flirty with intention (don’t be surprised to be left a staff’s mobile number with your receipt). “The Bar’s” amazing photo booth will keep you and your friends coming back for more great memories (and don’t forget the delicious cocktails).

The “hottest spot” to visit at Arena City for those looking for “sky” fun will definitely find it at “Sky Bar”. A place where the real magic happens. Found at the top of Arena City, is an amazing club with a strict dress code and no end to its chic. Here you will have a peak at the stars of the city as well as an occasional glace at international glamour, as for example our very own Paris Hilton has been seen lounging here. VIPs are taken great care of and popular artists and DJs keep the entertainment level at a high for all young in and out.

Anna Shcherbina

Written by: Anna Shcherbina

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