Museum of Miniature

Besides vast green parks, golden domes and huge squares there is something so tiny and so precious in Kyiv – Kyiv Museum of Miniature.

Kyiv museum of Miniature is one of the most amazing museums in Kiev and in Ukraine. This place has lots of grand work that takes long time to be done but it won’t be visible to the human eye, it will take several microscopes to see them.

Mykolay Siadristy is an author and an executor of all works that are given in the museum. He was born in 1937 in Kharkov region.  As all intelligent people Siadristiy is a many-sided personality, he studied in several universities, became a USSR Master of Sport and the scuba diving champion. But the biggest part of his life was dedicated to Art, the Art of microminiature.

There are tiny portraits of some famous people as Yuri Gagarin and Ernest Hemingway . The smallest book in the world is kept here, it was placed on record in The Guinness Book of Records, it is Kobzar by Schevchenko , it includes 12 pages and has a portrait of an author.

Microminiatures, that are given in  the list of the  museum  are enlarging  possibilities of  human potential, it is exciting how something so little can be so beautiful and at the same time it rises a question how can it  be possibly done without any  special equipment ?  

In the museum one can easily be fascinated by the famous musical fragment of Oginsky polonaise that is cut upon a glass marguerite petal which is 2х5 mm in size, the smallest electromotor in the world that actually works, which is 1-20 mm3 in size and this electromotor is almost 20 times smaller than a poppy seed, a rose that is put inside a human  hair, the windmill model that has 203 gold details and is placed on a poppy seed’s half . And all of it was made handmade!

But the most interesting piece is the golden chess that is put on a pin head. One side of it is occupied by the portrait of the prominent Russian musician. He is engraved into a glass and is put into a half of a poppy seed and on the other half there is a Russian music instrument - balalaika. It is hard to imagine but the strings of the balalaika in this picture are 40 times thinner than a human’s hair.

When a master is asked what knowledge and abilities a man should have to do such delicate work, he simply answers: “It is necessary to have some knowledge and experience in drawing, design and plastic arts, usage of materials and also to have an ability to control the whole function of a body so in the pauses of a heart beat be able to make the most delicate hand work”.

This museum will take you to the other world of midgets and fairy tales.

The Kiev Micro Miniature Museum is situated on the territory of the World Heritage Kiev Pecherska Lavra that is also considered one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.