2012 Euro Football Championship and Kyiv


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The most awaited event of the year 2012 is almost here. The Euro 2012 football championship is the biggest and the most expected sporting event for Ukraine and Poland this year. Two host countries did a triumphant and extremely hard job to make it happen. Total reconstruction of countries’ roads, parks, hotels and of course stadiums took a great amount of time and energy but was absolutely worth it because now Ukraine and Poland will have a chance to show what interesting historical and at the same time modern countries they are.

The Euro 2012 is reported to be the last European Championship finals where only 16 nations will be participating. The football matches will be running from June 8 to July 1, 2012. This will be the first time that two Eastern European countries will be hosting a major international sporting event since the Moscow Olympics 1980. Ukraine and Poland beat five other countries in the five-bid, seven-country selection done on April 18, 2007 in Cardiff, by the members of the UEFA Executive Committee.

Four Ukrainian and four Polish cities started their preparation by underlining the main tourist attractions and educating customer service. Because of a small number of people who can speak English, state governments provided special English learning programs. All the transportation, hotels, city signs were translated in order to simplify the visit of football fans.

Logically, the most expected place is Kyiv because it will host the final of EURO 2012. The main Olympiyskiy stadium was under reconstruction for three years. More than 580 millions of dollars was invested to make the stadium the proud place to host the final of the Euro 2012 in Kyiv.

More than 5 000 volunteers will help during the soccer championship. Major students will assist foreign fans in orientation around cities and during the matches. Volunteers took special English and football classes for about a half of a year to give a qualifying help to fans.

The tickets to the matches were sold in the minute time that is why organizational groups decided to put special screens throughout the countries. These screens will work 24 hours and air or repeat all football matches. Pubs and restaurants will also air all the games, some of them will have a special fan menu that will be cheap and will include alcohol during the day. 

The four groups A, B, C, D consisting of four teams will play in almost all the participating cities. During their stay they will be placed in the best new or rebuilt hotels. As fans usually cannot afford such luxury Ukraine decided to give up rooms in dormitories which is the reason why students have to finish their exams one month earlier.

Football in Ukraine and Poland is almost religious that’s why the two weeks of EURO 2012 will be a total festival and holiday for the locals and the visitors. 

All together there are 8 cities that will host the championship. Ukrainian cities are Lviv, Kharkov, Donetsk and Kyiv and Polish are Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw. Both countries spent millions of dollars to build or rebuilt stadiums. The construction started in November 2008 in Lviv and was successfully during the opening of the last stadium in Warsaw. Besides the unfortunate expectations Ukraine and Poland did all the necessary preparations and is ready for the biggest event in their sport history.