Budget Places To Eat in Kyiv during The EURO 2012 football championship

Although Ukrainian currency - Grivna is 10 times smaller than Euro it is still rather difficult to keep the budget in Kyiv. As Kyiv is considered to be a pricy city there hundreds of fancy restaurants and bars, but if you are willing to plan and explore, there are still many places where you can eat good and at the same time save your money.

Conversely, to the rest of the world fast food is not the most popular type of nutrition in Kyiv. Otherwise, Ukrainians, especially Ukrainian women, try to stay fit that is why Kyiv has a lot of places with fine and healthy food. These places are usually called caterings. All these places are pretty much about Ukrainian food which is absolutely delicious and healthy. So while staying in Kyiv during the EURO 2012 football championship, drop in at such places:

The top best catering in Kyiv is “Zdorovenki Buli” which is translated as Ukrainian greeting – “Stay healthy”. It has absolutely fantastic location which is in the middle of the main street “Khreshatyk”.  Zdorovenki Buli has very nice design: there are three large rooms; each one has its own style like India, China and of course Ukraine. The prices are very low and the food is very-very tasty. It has a super deal like “a plate of salad” that allows you to take several salads together in one plate and what is more you can take as much as you can put in a plate. This place of course serves fine Ukrainian dishes like “borsch”, “varenyky” and many dishes that include meet. This is the place where can explore Ukrainian culture. But the best thing about Zdorovenky Buli is its pizza. The cheapest and the most delicious Kyiv pizza will be ready in 10 minutes time and tastes best with a pot of Ukrainian beer.

Another great place to go while 2012 EURO championship is in full play is “Puzata Hata” which is translated as Belly House. It is a chain of budget restaurants that has a great design and very good food. Just as the other restaurants it mainly serves Ukrainian food. What makes this place unique is its wonderful atmosphere: three floor building has hundreds of tables that light a candle when it is an evening time. Moreover if it is a holiday, Puzata Hata provides live music and divert programs. What is more it has great pancakes that are served during the daytime, And don’t forget to try its special - nut cake if you decide to go there.

The third good and cheap nutrition place in Kyiv that can host you during EURO 2012 is Drova which is translated as Chore. It is also a chain catering. What varies it from other is that it has different cuisines. Each week they have different country cuisine like India, Thailand and Mexico. The food quality is very good and what is even better every weekend they provide waiting who deliver you each delicious meal for the minimum price. As EURO 2012 football championship is almost here they decided to air games at no cost to the visitors. All matches could be seen according to the EURO 2012 game schedules. The other thing about Drova is that it has a great variety of rather cheap alcohol that is served throughout the day.

If you are looking for a snack there are two must eat goodies. They are Kyiv “perepichka” which you can try on Teotralnaya metro station, that is probably the most delicious hotdog in the world and Kyiv banana-chocolate ice-cream which is sometimes hard to get because of the lines of people who wait for it.

So, if you are willing to dig just a little bit harder you will find many budget places that will surprise you by its quality and will keep your budget safe during the EURO 2012 football championship. Bon appetite!