Kyiv Strip Clubs

Kyiv is a famous party center that surely knows how to rock. As any other Eastern European city it has all kinds of entertainments for both locals and the visitors.

One of the most famous strip clubs in Kyiv is the “Nosorog club” which is translated as a “rhino”. It is a chain place that is considered to be one of the best in Kyiv. Its creative style is consisted of 8 cabins, podium places. Every place opens wonderful scenery to at least 20 girls. 2 stages provide “full strip” with girls of different style and nationality. There are 4 VIP rooms where each can enjoy their private. Nosorog club is known as a professional strip club chain with high quality light, sound effects, food and cigar menu.

To the list of the top best Kyiv strip clubs can be truly added “Gorod” (city) bar. This club provides women strip dancing every day except for Thursday. The entrance is paid but every guest is offered a drink. There are many different shows; one of the most popular is a “shower”. This show allows any visitor to take a look at bathing girls and for those who don’t have hot water at home there is a service where striper bathes a client. Every Friday Gorod presents a costume show “One way ticket” and every Saturday a draw-lottery “Erotic sushi”.

For those who come from far west countries and are homesick there is a special place called rancho “Wild West”. Here each one can expect hot strip performed by gorgeous girls. More than 30 dancers can be seen during the night. The club has an exotic bar with various cocktails. Moreover there is an access to additional hotel services.

Another place that is worth visiting isJOSSthat works as a sport pub, restaurant, casino and a strip club. It has delicious European menu and of course strip dancing.  It has a small and comfortable strip room that has diluted orange and yellow lights that make the atmosphere. This club is exclusive that is why it is better to come earlier to catch the seats. And it has VIP programs for those who want to cloister with a girl or a guy whom one liked most. 

For those who think that they have seen it all there is an exquisite strip club “Millennium”. It has unique dance programs that are directed by professional choreographs. This place will surely explain why Kyiv women are said to be the prettiest in the world. Private dance in Millennium is believed to be a real show. In addition, visitors of the club simultaneously become clients of casino “Gabriela” and cigar club “London” that are situated at the same building. 

A newer club that was opened in 2012 is Dolls on 57 Chervonoarmiis'ka. It features a large club with nice decor and dozens of girls dancing at the same time. They have a "Krazy Menu" with all the prices and various sexy activities listed: private dance 400 UAH ($50 USD), 2 hours of time "exempting a girl from her obligations at the club" (take out to the hotel) $300 USD; all night take out $500 USD.

Arguably the best strip club in Kyiv is currently Rio on Bogdana Hmelnitskogo 30. Spread over three floor levels, over 100 dancers will keep you entertained. If you feel hungry, there is quite an extensive sushi menu with fair prices and restaurant level quality. Prices are 200 UAH ($25) for a private dance (2 songs), and $300 for take out (3 hours).