Ukrainian Women

Everybody who comes to Ukraine knows at least three things about this city: great history and architecture, Ukrainian chicken and beautiful women. And indeed it’s true. Ukrainian women are not only beautiful, they are very fashionable and intelligent.
No wonder that most dating agencies seek their future candidates in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. These women are not only good looking, but family orientated and at the same time independent. The percentage of girls who marry foreigners is really impressive it happened so because of the unrealistic statistic of correlation between women and men in Ukraine. It is believed that it is 1 man to 3 women which is often supported by rather bad reviews towards male side.

The situation in female world changed during the years of Ukrainian Independence when women started to work and take dominating positions in a carrier sphere and at home. Unfortunately, it is an ordinary situation when these precious women are single mothers who work and raise their children alone.

Ukrainian women might be so beautiful and different because most of them simply moved from different part of the country due to the higher level of life and education in the capital. And so Kyiv became a multicity that combined the hottest and most intelligent women.

Recently Ukrainian ladies were estimated by World Travel Digest that works out of reviews of thousands of travelers from all over the world. And so in the year 2012 our women were claimed to be the most beautiful women in the world, leaving New York, Buenos-Aires and Moscow behind them.

The digest reported: “Kyiv is undoubtfully, the city where the most beautiful women live. Visiting Kyiv thrills and it is hard to believe that such gorgeous women exist. Moreover, they are not as intimidated as their Russian colleagues.”
For those who think that Kyiv girls are just pretty dolls, World Travel Digest suggest changing such attitude: “Those who think that Kyiv women are uninterested and banal they could dispose this theory after visiting Kyiv. Women there are well educated and are always willing to conduct a conversation about literature and philosophy”.

Ukrainian women are very independent and self-organized. But as all women they seek strong men. They want to feel themselves as they should be, as women: who are going to be taken care of or at least a strong partner who will go in step with her.

For those who are coming to Ukraine to look for a women there are some tips. Unfortunately, not all women are good. Some are simply gold diggers that will tell you anything to make you fall in love with them and then live you with nothing or there are some who are pretty easy and cheesy but all of these are usually easily to identify so if you want to find true beautiful and smart it will take so time to show her that you are worth her.

Real Ukrainian women are looking for dependable, smart men who know how to treat a woman so she can feel support and love which she will doubtless return wholly.