Top Pubs

Kiev is a work place for millions of people from Ukraine and abroad. One can find any kind of profession here: housekeepers, teachers, nurses, footballers, constructors, artists, workers, scientists and even a president. So it’s logical that every Friday evening they want to go someplace out to drink some beer and listen to some music. So where do all these people go? There are lots of options - theatres , cinemas, dance clubs, bowling and many more. But, of course, the large majority goes to Pubs. And Kiev has a lot of them.

Golden Gate Pub

Golden Gate Pub is known in Kiev for its location in front of the one of 10 top places to visit in Kiev, Golden Gates almost a thousand year old monument. It is a great place for those who like good beer, tasty European food and of course those who love football. Though the prices are high, it is totally worth it, the service is probably the best in Kiev, food is tasty, whiskey is cold and everybody speaks English. Moreover this is a place for fun, here is billiards, darts and every Friday live music. Everything is comfortable and everybody is friendly. 

O’Briens Pub

O’Briens Pub is famous for being a great sport pub. At one time 7 different matches can be aired. Every Friday and Saturday it hosts nice rock’n’roll bands. This place serves more than 20 types of draft beer and of course real Irish beer. The food is good and the portions are quite big. It has two floors so it is easy to find a place to sit and of course everybody speaks English.

O’ Connors Pub

O’Connors Pub is another Irish pub which is situated in the historical center Podil. It has a very nice atmosphere, delicious food and good English speaking service. The design of the place reminds of Ireland, music is soothing, and every Friday one can enjoy nice jazz or rock’n’roll music.

Palata #6

Palata #6 that means Ward #6 is probably the craziest pub in Kiev, literally, it is made as a madhouse. This is a place for people who want to make their night unforgettable. The design is stunning: white walls, waitresses dressed as nurses, shots are served in medicine glasses, crazy cocktails and pretty easy food recipes. Though the service is not as good as in the Irish pubs this place will surprise you with very cheap prices and lots of fun.

Porter Pub

Porter Pab is one more place to get wild. Affordable prices altogether with live and loud rock’n’roll music. Nice menu for bar and a kitchen. Lots of cocktails and Ukrainian beer . This place is famous for its parties. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday people come here to drink and dance, the main attraction for the youth is that one can order as much alcohol as he or she wants and afterwards dance on the tables. 

Art Club 44

Art Club 44 is a famous Kiev music club. It is a lace for creative people who like different kind of music. It has tasty European kitchen and nice bar. This place provides live music every day. And since recently it is about to work all night long.